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About Us

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A few words about our amazing Meteora Photo Tour team

logo Meteora Photo TourMeteora Photo Tour is a Destination Photography Company, licensed by Greek National Tourism Organization, offering specialized photo tours in Meteora and other iconic parts of Greece.
We know it is important for you to have a quality experience while traveling and the thorough research that is put in prior to booking a company or experience because we do it ourselves when we travel. So, we would like to share a little bit about who and what is at the heart of our company helping you make an informed decision when planning a visit to this majestic area. We hope you find all the answers you need and choose to spend a few hours or a few days of this experience with us!


Our small, local company is comprised of:

About Us 1Christos Karagelis – Professional Photographer and Tour Leader
Christos is a native of Meteora and grew up exploring the peaks and valleys of the area. His passion for photography came at an early age as a hobby and as his love for it grew so did his skills. He had been involved in Enduro motorbike racing and events for several years, participating as track founder and organizer for races and events in the area.

As an explorer of the mountainous region and true nature lover, he soon found himself on the other side of the camera photographing and providing professional photos for Meteora.He also owner of a graphics and printing company that has allowed him to combine both capacities for customers who have the need for photographs, designing and printing services. He is take pride in providing quality services in every area of his work.



About Us 2Konstantina Tsiami – Tour Experience Leader and Director of Business Development
Konstantina was born and raised in Meteora and takes pride in sharing the beauty and history of the area. Because of this you will leave knowing everything about Meteora and the surrounding areas as you explore unknown spots and learn bits and of pieces of what makes this place special.

She is also the brains behind the development and experience strategy, making sure that when people come to visit they have an authentic experience wrapped in comfort. She is always learning and improving the Meteora Photo Tour experiences.
In her spare time Konstantina enjoys spending time with her family, as well as running and bike riding, partaking in many races throughout central Greece.


About Us 3Salina Boghairi- Collaborator of Meteora Photo Tour and Marketing Strategy
Salina was once just a visitor to Meteora, but after the first couple hours into her tour she was making plans to extend her trip and is now a part of the company that made her initial experience to Greece a memorable one.

Salina has an extensive background in marketing and international business, working closely with Konstantina on the marketing strategy and growth of the company.
Salina lives in San Diego, California and makes regular visits to Greece. In her spare time Salina enjoys traveling, photography, writing and hiking.


Our Idea and How We Started!

Five years ago, Christos started Meteora Photo Tour, a company that specializes in photography tours and photo shoots. After a meeting with his friend and now colaborator of Meteora Photo Tour ,Dimitris Giouvris, the photo journey started!  The reason he set out to do this was because he saw a rise in the demand of interest in what Meteora and the mainland parts of Greece had to offer. “With the rise of digital photography, I saw the need for it in this area and it has been a decision that has been well received by travelers and photographers around the world. I am able to lead people through a journey of the area in which only a local would know, through secret paths and viewpoints to capture the monasteries and when the perfect light hits.” His focus is in landscape, portrait, architecture, and fashion photography but he loves to explore and photograph the unexpected beauty of Mother Nature.

About Us 4


Why Meteora Photo Tour?

We are also photographers like you and love to travel and explore this beautiful planet, so it gives us deep pleasure to introduce this area to people from other countries and cultures, tell them about its history and take them to the best spots that present opportunities for stunning photos against the Meteora landscape.
We still explore the area as if it were new to us. This area is very special, and each time we set out to explore it with our clients, family or friends it becomes a new and meaningful experience to us. No sunrise, sunset, or hike is ever the same in Meteora. It still fills us up with so much wonder and excitement.

During a photo tour at Meteora, the photographer stand on the rock

What Do Meteora Photo Tours Provide?

We like to not only photograph people and leave them with beautiful photos to remember their time in Meteora by, but also give them tips and tricks to improve their own photography skills. Christos combines his knowledge of the area and photography skills to create a unique and stunning experience with photo tours and photo shoots. He will guide you to breathtaking backdrops of Meteora capturing its beauty and teaches people who have an interest in photography how to do the same.

During a photo tour at Meteora, the photographers capture the monastery

Meteora Photo Tour has worked for several years to organize unique and authentic immersion for travelers when they visit Meteora. All of our photographers and guides are experienced, professional photographers and locals, offering an excellent experience that you will want on your visit in the Meteora region or Greece.

We work with solo travelers, photographers at all level, couples, families and groups of friends. By booking a photography tour with Meteora Photo Tour, you will save time, money and any unnecessary travel hassles that go into finding transportation, a place to stay and the right spots to photograph. You will be picked up and dropped off from your hotel, train or bus station and transported with our comfortable vehicle, avoid renting another vehicle and its costs.

We are here to help you explore the most known and unknown spots of the area and capture unique images that will surely leave you remembering your time and experience in Meteora. Many say that their trip to Meteora is their favorite. We take pride in this and do what we can to make your experience one that you will never forget.

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About Us 5

Our Partners in Athens and Santorini

Meteora Photo Tour  have business partners in Athens and Santorini who have been successful with tours and photoshoots.  

Book a photography tour with Meteora Photo Tour to photograph this unique and breathtaking landscape of Greece.

Meteora rocks and Olympus mountain view from Trigia mountain

Book a photography tour with Meteora Photo Tour to photograph Santorini of Greece.

A boat on a balcony of Santorini island

Book a photography tour with Meteora Photo Tour to photograph Athens of Greece.

The Acropolis of Athens at Sunrise