Explore and photograph Athens!  - Private or small group.

Suitable from Beginner to Pro Photographers, the Athens Photography Tour is an easy pace 2-3 hour walking tour. You can choose between sunrise, morning, sunset, or night starting times (the actual starting time varies depending month of the year). All Athens Photography Tours are open up to four (4) participants, you will be accompanied by a professional photographer finding your way around Athens. An excellent choice for first-time visitors. Private option available.

Tour Highlights


Small group or Private Photo Tour

Fun for the entire family

Learn the tips and techniques of professional photography

Discover Ancient Greece

Enjoy a photo tour of the city



  • Easy paced 2 to 3 hours walking photography tour in Athens
  • Up to 4 persons
  • Minimum 1 persons
  • Fitness easy to moderate
  • Photo Skills beginner to Pro

Trip cost

  • Sunrise: 99€ | 2h starts 1 h before sunrise
  • Morning : 99€ | 2-3h starts at 9:00
  • Sunset: 99€ | 2-3h starts 2h before sunset
  • Night: 119€ | 3h starts 1 h before sunset

Athens Photography Tour 8

What to expect in these Athens walking Photo Tours

Our photography tours are open to all levels of photography! We provide these Photography Tours daily, all year. Bring your camera, dslr, mirrorless, point and shoot or even your mobile phone. Expect to walk in pavement roads, but also on uneven paths with a small elevation (around Acropolis hill) during a two to three hour walking photography tour. Athens city is mostly sunny with almost 300 days of sunshine! Be sure to wear comfortable light clothes and walking shoes. During summer, we will take short stops, drink lot’s of water. We love the sun, we recommend to wear a hat and use sunscreen during summer hotter days. You will be escorted by a professional photographer, discussing composition, different angles, technical aspects and everyday usage of your camera. Each Athens Photography Tour is scheduled up to 4 participants with a minimum of 1 participant. Upgrade to a Private Photography Tour and enjoy the walk with all the attention from our photographer.
Athens Photography Tour 9

Sunrise Athens Photo Tour

This is your chance to get an epic sunrise photo of Athens. Join our professional photographer early in the morning for a Sunrise Athens Photo Tour, as you will find your way up to Filopapou hill overlooking the Acropolis hill, and Parthenon. You will be guided to a scenic spot where you can watch the sunrise as it unfolds in the Greek capital. The image is wonderful, and Athens is a city enjoying almost 300 days of sunshine and nice weather. You will be arriving one hour earlier, before sunrise so we can start photographing the blue hour, then sunrise and the golden hour, as the sun rises from behind Immitos mountain. Check out this article to better understand blue hour, golden hour and twilights. Also, have a look at this Sunrise calculator for Athens.
Athens Photography Tour 10

Morning Athens Photo Tour

The standard Athens Photo Tour. We start on the foothills of Acropolis and by walking in the scenic paths of Plaka, we discover a different city of Athens. Through the famous Hadrian’s Gate we wonder at the historic site of the ancient Temple of Zeus. You will walk through Zappeio and discover the historic Panathinaiκon stadium, the place where the Olympic Games of 1896 took place. Discover interesting places in Plaka and smaller neighbourhoods, like Anafiotika as we take our way around Acropolis Hill.
Athens Photography Tour 11

Sunset Athens Photo Tour

The same as the morning tour, giving us different photos as the light is changing from day to night. An evening tour that ends with a great perspective of the city just before sunset. Joins this tour if you need a more relaxed photography walk around the city.
Athens Photography Tour 12

Night Athens Photo Tour

Depending on the time of year we start our Night Athens Photo Tour one hour (or less) before sunset time. Starting from a hill across Acropolis we later follow an ancient path thru Athens city. During this photo tour we focus on Night Photography technics, like light trails. Be sure to bring a tripod, or ask us to bring one for you! This Athens Photo Tour is a walking tour focused on getting the best photographs of Athens city in the night. Small elevation along the way, expect to walk 2 to 3 hours in total. Always wear comfortable shoes and light wear as Athens is known for good weather through out the year.

Our tours are suitable for all levels, from amateur to professional photographers. The tour is led by a professional photographer and Athens locals. There will be discussions and tips on composition, different angles, technical aspects and everyday usage of your camera, and some historical facts about ancient Athens.

The tour will be easy-paced walking and small to medium elevation changes along the way. There will be some walking on uneven routes so make sure you wear appropriate shoes.

It is recommended that you bring a tripod, or ask us to bring one for you!

Don’t worry. We are able to teach you tips and tricks on your compact camera, smartphone, iPhone, or tablet too.

It is recommended to use wide-angle and telephoto lenses when shooting the Athens. You can use polarizer or ND filters to enhance images.

Yes you can! We are able to do the tour using a smartphone, iphone - ipad or tablet too.

In case of heavy rain, we can reschedule for the next day or we can cancel the tour and give you a refund. If the rain starts and stops or it is just a drizzle we will use umbrellas or take a coffee break and continue when the rain subsides. Keep in mind that sometimes in the art of photography unstable weather can give us opportunities for the best photos.

If a child is in your group please send us an email or give us a call for special price and accommodations.

*Wanting to explore and photograph one more day? Perfect! Make this tour a Private Full-Day Athens Photo Tour, or a Full Day Peloponnese Photo Tour giving you more time to explore and photograph additional areas with the spectacular landscape! Contact us