An excellent choice for first time visitors at Meteora! Suitable from amateur to pro photographers, the Meteora Photography Tours  will be done by vehicle from Kalampaka city or Kastraki Village to Meteora. You can choose between sunrise, morning, sunset or night .Private and person options available.

Sunrise Meteora Photo Tour | 79€ | 3 hours | 1 – 4 persons  |  Starts 1hr before Sunrise

  Waking up to watch the sun come up over Meteora is definitely worth it. We take you on a journey to spectacular viewpoints as we give you tips and tricks to capture the best photos before and after the sun rises against the rocks and monasteries.

During your Greece vacation we will make sure that you not only get to see one of the most extraordinary places in the world, but have the opportunity to capture the best photos, with our guidance and expertise. This will all happen during one of the most advantageous moments of the day, as the sun rises over Meteora. We will start before dawn. This concludes the sunrise tour and you will have the rest of the day to explore the area at your leisure.

Morning Meteora Photo Tour | 79€ | 4 hours | 1 – 4 persons  | Starts 9:00 am

The Morning Meteora Photo Tour will allow you to explore Meteora during the morning hours as we focus on taking you to the best viewpoints to capture photos with an experienced, local photographer. We will use the stunning rock formations and detailed architecture of the Monasteries as our subjects.

We will choose one monastery to visit and explore inside. We will point out interesting details and give you historical facts on what you are viewing as we capture them on camera. We’ll be covering numerous, notable spots, chasing the morning light as it fades.

Sunset Meteora Photo Tour | 79€ | 4 hours | 1 – 4 persons  |  Starts 4 hrs before Sunset

   One of the best times to view the natural landscape of Meteora and capture photos in the dimming light is when the sun sets down on Meteora. Join us as we guide you to the top of the rocks and take advantage of the golden hour. This experience will leave you breathless and is not something to be missed!  The day will be properly wrapped up with an epic sunset shoot up on the Meteora rocks!

We will begin from the shooting notable, ancient churches at the foot of Meteora with a background of dimming sunlight. We will take advantage of the softer afternoon lighting as well as the mystical lighting at the golden hour. We will start about 4 hours prior to sunset and finish after.

Meteora by Night Photo Tour | 79€ | 3 hours | 1 – 4 persons  |  Starts 2 hrs before Sunset

Join us for our Meteora by Night Photo Tour where we will guide you to the best places up to 3 hour to witness the majestic backdrop of the Meteora rocks and monasteries. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and we will make sure that you leave with an unforgettable experience and photos. We have many different spots to choose from, as Meteora has many peaks to capture a spectacular sunset , the blue hour and the city lights against the monasteries.

We will begin right before sunset and will continue to explore the area for more breathtaking spots into the night as the lights shine down on the city of Kalampaka and village of Kastraki.



Not Include

Private or Small Group Tour Hotel pick up and drop off Meal prices
Best spots to photograph Monasteries entrance fees Accommodations
Learn how to photograph the Sunset or Sunrise Refreshments
Explore the basics of astrophotography (Night Tour) Snacks
Visit a monastery Souvenir
Learn about the history


*Wanting a little more? Make this this tour an All Day Photo Tour or Plastiras Lake Photo Tour or  Meteora Hiking Photo Tour giving you more time to explore and photograph additional areas in Meteora and surrounding areas.

*Don’t have a professional camera? Don’t worry. We are able to teach you tips and tricks on your compact camnera and smartphone too.

*It is recommended that you bring a tripod, or ask us to bring one for you!

Contact us for more information, or any of your questions.