Choose one of our impressive Photography Tours of Meteora

Are you interested to visit and Photograph the area of Meteora in Greece? We recommend three remarkable photography landmarks to complete your travel photo album from Greece! The Meteora and the Plastiras Lake in Central Greece and Zagori in Epirus at North-West of Greece.

Traveling to this unique part of the country in mainland Greece will give you the opportunity to shoot unique scenery that you cannot find anywhere else in country. Book now to enjoy full day photographic trips across three landmarks. We visit many places on our tours. A few of these are old monasteries found on top of the rock formations, two waterfalls found in the area, Kalampaka City, Kastraki traditional village, Aoos Lake,  PlastirasLake , Ioannina Lake and the old castle of Ali Pasas, arched stone bridges found in several places in Zagoria, the traditional villages of Papigo and much more.

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Monasteries of Meteora Timetable

Private All Day Meteora

from 183€ | 8 hrs | 1 – 3 per | Include SunsetDimming light, when the sun sets down on Meteora

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Athens-Meteora by train 

from 125€ | 5 hours | 1 – 4 per | include train tickets
The train station of Kalampaka and Meteora

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All Day Plastiras Lake

from 183€ | 8 hours | 1 – 3 per | Starts 9:00 am
Plastiras Lake

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Private Athens-Meteora by train 

from 183€ | 5 hours | 1 – 4 per | include train tickets
Photographing the Meteora Rocks

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Private All Day Zagori

from 199€ | 8-10 hours | 1 – 4 per | Starts 9:00amThe bridge of Papigo at Zagori in Autumn

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Private Mainland Greece

from 167€ | 8 hours | 1 – 3 per | Include Sunset
Double waterfall at Palaiokaria

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