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Hire a Photographer in Meteora for a Photo Shoot

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Are you looking for a photographer in Santorini?

You probably don’t know about the area of Meteora! Read about Meteora and you will definitely love this place.

Many travelers come to Greece, Santorini, Crete, Rodes, and Mykonos, for the countless pristine beaches, turquoise waters, and unique village architecture on the Greek islands, as well as the famous ancient Acropolis of Athens. But you are planning a visit to Meteora in central Greece or you just see about this place! Perfect!

You are guaranteed to not be disappointed, because the landscape and beauty of Meteora is truly unique, and the combination of the eternal rocks and Monasteries of Meteora that virtually float on their tops creates a uniqueness that will take you on a magical journey. 

Meteora Greece sunset

Meteora Photo Tour has worked for several years to organize unique and authentic experiences for travelers when they visit Meteora . All of our photographers and guides are experienced professional photographers and locals so we offer excellent experience and photographs that you will want on your visit in the Meteora region. We work with solo travelers, couples, families and groups of friends.

By hiring a professional photographer from Meteora Photo Tour, you will save time, money and any unnecessary travel hassles that go into finding transportation, a place to stay and the right spots to photograph. By hiring a photographer from Meteora Photo Tour you will be picked up and dropped off from your hotel, train or bus station.

You will be transported with our comfortable vehicle and avoid renting another vehicle. We are here to help you explore the most visited spots in the area, at the right time of day to capture images for unique photos that will for sure leave you close to your fond memories of Meteora and this experience of a lifetime. Many say that their trip to Meteora is their favorite. We take pride in this and do what we can to make the experience one that you will never forget. Hire a professional photographer from Meteora Photo Tour to capture this unique and breathtaking experience of your visit to Meteora.

Meteora Photo shoot Greece

Best Season to Visit Meteora 

The best time to visit Meteora and Hire a Photographer in Meteora for a Photo Shoot is pretty much anytime. Meteora is located in the Thessaly region in Central Greece and is easily accessible from all major cities in Greece by car, train or bus, all throughout the year with many options daily. It is a destination that can be explored and enjoyed throughout every season of the year. In the summer months, there are a greater number of visitors and buses as it is high season and maybe a time you would like to avoid.

However, by having a private guide and photographer with you, you will be able to sidestep this dilemma as it will lead you to places that are quiet and unknown and leave you with stunning photos to take home of your time in Meteora.

In the summer temperatures can reach 35 degrees Celsius, and at its coldest down to 3 to 10 degrees Celsius. Sometimes the temperature falls below zero but for a short time only. From December to March, temperatures are lower, and we have rainfalls and at times snowfall. This may not sound appealing to you, but the winter months definitely have their perks.

In the winter you can often find snow on the Meteora rocks creating a beautiful backdrop for a photoshoot. Winter is also a time to find cheaper flights and discounts on our photo shoots.

In autumn you have another type of landscape show when the colors of nature come alive in Meteora.

In spring you will find perfect temperatures and florals popping up everywhere. Each season has its unique features and charm.

You will want to dress appropriately for the season so make sure to do your research or just ask us!   Meteora Photo Tour also uses best photography practices. We design our photo shoots by choosing the best spots and best times of day for each season or particular day, so hire a Photographer in Meteora for a Photo Shoot we can get the best outcome and experience. We choose to use natural lighting to our advantage and as a result, most photos are taken in the early morning or late afternoon hours.

A girl walking on the rocks of Meteora during the golden light

What to Expect When Traveling to Meteora

In recent years great efforts have been made to improve roads in Greece as well as the public transportation sector. Although Greece is a country that has been in the middle of a financial crisis for several years, the efforts to promote unique destinations, not only in the Greek islands but also in mainland of Greece are high, thus helping to introduce travelers and guide them on where to visit, many of these places that just a few years ago were unknown to many.

For example, the Meteora area was known mainly to those of the Greek Orthodox religion who were only interested in visiting the monasteries or climbers because of the unique and particular formation of rocks that they could climb.

Now visitors have the opportunity to Hire a Photographer in Meteora to have more experiences and adventures in the area such as hiking, photo tours and photo shoots with the unique backdrop of the Meteora landscape. 

Meteora iphone tour Greece

How To Get to Meteora

If you drive by car, access to Meteora is easy from Athens or from other cities in Greece with a driving time of only 2 to 4 hours. The roads are safe and wide but do note that there is often road work being done. If you start from Athens, traffic in the city is generally high, but most likely after a few miles conditions will improve allowing for a smooth drive. You can easily find the route on any map or GPS system if you are journeying by car from Athens, Thessaloniki or Corfu.

Other ways to come to Meteora are by train or bus. You can check out the train and bus schedules from Athens and Thessaloniki at the city stations or find the schedules and information online.

Once you are entering Meteora, you can drive up to East road of Meteora or cross through the town of Kalambaka from the ring or main road to get to Kastraki Village. From there you continue to follow the road until you see the monasteries on the rocks of Meteora.

If you are staying in Kalampaka city or Kastraki Village we will provide transportation to and from your hotel. With so many ways to get here, you just have to decide when you want to come and let us capture the best of you against the Meteora backdrop. If you choose to hire us as your personal adventure partners and photographers for your experience in Meteora we will not only take you to the most stunning places to explore and view the area, but you will be left with memorable photos, capturing your visit here.

Meteora Photoshoot

The Best Spots for Your Meteora Photo Shoot

The best spots for your photo shoot are near the monasteries. Following the road leading to the holy monasteries, there are several places along the road where you can stop, take in the views, take photos and that provides the perfect backdrop for your photo shoot. The road to the holy monasteries is divided at a point by the northwest and southeast.

The former leads to the monasteries of Great Meteoron and Varlaam, and the latter to the holy monasteries of Agia Triada and Agios Stefanos. If you visit the area between the hours of 9 am and 4 pm there is usually a lot of traffic on the road. This is especially the case near the Great Meteoron.

The monasteries open at 9 so it’s a good idea to get an early start and be on the rocks at this time to avoid the traffic of tour buses and cars. Most places along the road are crowded, making it difficult to have a photo shoot. Take a look at the Monasteries Timetable.

By hiring a photographer for a Photo Shoot in Meteora, you will not only get to the less touristy places but bypass driving and maneuvering your vehicle on these roads.

Our experienced and knowledgeable guides and photographers are locals of the Meteora area and this gives us, and you the advantage of the best places to go to have your perfect photo shoot.

If you have seen images of the Meteora area and dream about having photos across this landscape, we know that we will give you the experience and the photos that will leave you happy. We not only provide guidance for the most stunning viewpoints but also on photographic stance and choose the best time of day and lighting.

We deliver unique high- resolution photos. Hire your Meteora photographer today and leave Meteora with breathtaking photos.

Hire a Photographer in Meteora for a Photo Shoot 1

How much time do you need when booking a photography session at Meteora?

Photography shoots in Meteora are 1 to 4 hours. We recommend at least 2 hours to get some quality time at various viewpoints without feeling rushed.  The meeting point is usually from your hotel or the train station if you are coming for a short visit.

To get you from there and to the shooting points, it will take some time.2 hours will be a sufficient duration of time to photograph you in about 3 to 4 different locations in the Meteora area, as we avoid areas with crowds of people and traffic.

If you are traveling alone or as a couple, the 2 hours should be good unless you want more points of interest and shooting time. There are many stunning places in and around the Meteora area that we can take you to for a deeper experience of this vast landscape. If you are a family with children it is advisable to book a tour that is longer than 2 hours.

So think about the time that you have and your preferences.

If you need help in deciding let us know. As we know the area and have experience with many different types of shoots we can assist in the decision making the process for hiring a photographer to capture your time in Meteora!

 Photo Shoot during the golden light of Meteora Sunset

Meteora Photo Shoots

We offer a variety of photo shoots at Meteora Photo Tour!

Meteora is the second most visited attraction of mainland Greece, coming in second only after the Acropolis in Athens. The area is comprised of rocks and valleys that are the perfect backdrop for a stunning photo shoot. As locals of Meteora, we know the area well and can take you on a proper journey for the senses.

As experienced photographers, we will capture it all on camera. You will leave this Unesco World Heritage Site with photos that you will cherish forever as you reflect on your time spent in this majestic place. Our past photo shoots have included families, solo travelers, engagement shoots, social media influencers, families and even pets!

Family Photo Shoot

So it’s time for a family vacation and you have chosen to take it in Greece. With its vast landscape, rich with history and culture you will not be disappointed.  Greece is a country that will satisfy everyone in the family.  We ourselves are parents and know that the moments traveling with your family are special and important. We will make sure to capture these moments on camera as we guide you to the best viewpoints and backdrops of the monasteries in the area.

Your visit to Meteora with your family is an experience you will want to capture and keep forever! We’re here to help you get high-resolution photos that you can use for prints, photo albums, media or digital albums to remember your visit to Meteora by!

Couples Photo Shoot

Are you traveling as a couple? Being one of the most romantic places in the world hiring a photographer to guide you to the best spots and taking photos of you should be a must when you come to Meteora. You will have an incredible time and we will make you feel comfortable as we take photos of you to remember your time in Meteora by.

Surprise Proposal Shoot

A once in a lifetime moment that you will undoubtedly want to remember forever! The unique landscape of Meteora will give another dimension to this special time and the beginning of a new chapter of life for you and your love! We will choose the best spots with minimal people to give you as much privacy as possible. 

We will organize what is necessary for the proposal to take place and capture the moment on camera. You just have to bring your love and pop the question! After the proposal, we can recommend the best restaurants for you to head to for a delicious meal and some wine. Two hours will be sufficient time for a proposal shoot.

Pre – Wedding or Engagement Shoot

The difference between pre-wedding and engagement photos are the outfits. Wedding attire – dress or just casual wear? It’s up to you! This kind of photography is something more special and unique for the couple who will choose to be photographed in the Meteora area by hiring a photographer through Meteora Photo Tour. Many of the couples we work with choose the area for its magical and romantic feel and the ancient backdrop of the monasteries against the natural rock formations.

It is definitely not your average photo shoot and will set your wedding or engagement photos apart. We suggest two to four hours for these shoots in order to go to multiple locations without being rushed allowing you to enjoy the scenery.

Honeymoon Shoot

It is true that Greece has one of the most beautiful landscapes on the planet. It is not a surprise that many choose to celebrate the beginning of their lives together as husband and wife in this unique and romantic area of the world.  We love to work with just married couples as we capture your love on camera. We will make sure that we take you to the best spots and leave you with breathtaking photos.

Solo Traveler Photo Shoot

The amount of solo travelers that we have worked with has increased so much in the past few years and we love that we get to welcome people to Meteora and guide them through this landscape. Many people are taking more vacation days and taking off on their own. It will not doubt be an eye-opening experience that you will never forget, especially coming to a place with so much history and immersed in nature.

We will take photos of you in the best areas and angles that you would not otherwise be able to take on your own. We will make sure that while you are traveling solo you will have the best guidance and photos while in Meteora.

Social Media Influencer Photo Shoot

If Greece is on your radar, as an influencer Meteora should be at the top of your must-see list.  You will have a unique opportunity to have a variety of photos in one of the most unique landscapes in the world.

Blogger Photo Shoot

If you are a blogger and want to add another destination to your blog with photos from Meteora, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, we are at your disposal for a photo tour in and around the Meteora area that will include a photo shoot.

Instagram Photo Shoot

Why not inspire people through photographs of the places you travel to?  Instagram has become a very powerful tool for displaying and promoting products. We know how to capture you best through the Meteora landscape. We will make sure you have the right photos to share and engage with. Contact us and we will work with you to have a quick shoot at low cost.

Family Photo Shoot in the stunning backdrop of Meteora

When to Book

It’s always better to book as soon as possible. This will give you enough time to plan, visualize and organize your photo shoot with your photographer. This is especially important if you plan to be in Meteora during the high season months between June, July, August and September.

What about last minute bookings? 

If you are interested in booking with us, we would like to do what we can in our power to make that happen.  It will be very helpful if you have two or three days of availability during your stay.

What Does it Cost to Hire a Photographer in Meteora?

Check out the Meteora Photo Shoot page to see quotes for our tours. Choose your desired date and time and start talking with your photographer to plan the details of timing and place. If you have a custom plan in mind, contact us for any questions or ideas. We will work with you to make your travel dreams in Meteora come true!

Hire a Photographer in Meteora for a Photo Shoot 2

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