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Private All Day Zagori Photo Tour

Zagori, a region and municipality in the Pindus mountains in Epirus, in northwestern Greece. One of the most alluring and scenic landscapes in Greece.

Duration: 8 hours | 1-3 participants

Recommended for photographers or couples who want private photography tour.


Zagori, a region and municipality in the Pindus mountains in Epirus, in northwestern Greece. One of the most alluring and scenic landscapes in Greece. If our journey start from Meteora, we will make a brief stop in Ioannina City and then will be on our way to the mountainous region of Epirus. If your accommodation is at Ioannina or near to Zagori aeria ,we will pick you up from your hotel.

Zagori is an area that contains 46 stone villages known as the Zagori villages with striking views of the high peaks of the Pindos Mountains. At the heart of the Vikos–Aoös National Park, the Vikos Gorge or Vikos Canyon is the most impressive and famous natural monument of Zagori, and distinguished as the deepest gorge in the world, with glittering, crystal rivers and green picturesque mountains. We will visit some of the villages, most notably Great Papigo Village. We will spend our time in the most iconic spots of Zagori, shooting many of the old stone bridges. This will be another unforgettable day for the nature lover to discover and capture this breathtaking and well preserved part of Greece.
We will begin the tour at a convenient time, ensuring we include all areas of interest. On both days we will take a lunch break to dine in a traditional Greek tavern. The duration of the tour will be 8-10 hours. Make sure to dress comfortably.

Take the unique opportunity to explore, learn about and capture stunning photos of the  Zagori and Vikos Gorge. You will learn practical tips you can use instantly to enhance and refine your photography skills. We will point out details invisible to the untrained eye, reveal the best points on the route of your interest and identify photo opportunities for the most creative shots. This is a tour of a lifetime, allowing you a full day to cover one of the most incredible natural landscapes that Greece has to offer.

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All Day Zagori Photo Tour details

  • Who: For anyone with a passion for travel and photography who wants a private, hands on experience and an unforgettable journey through Plastiras Lake.
  •  Time and Duration of Tour: 10 Hours. Time will be confirmed at booking based on time of year.
  •  Group Size: Our Meteora Photo Tours are scheduled for 1-3 participants. 3 is the maximum to ensure you get the most out of the tour.
  •  Cost: €299 for 1 participant | €499 for 2 participants | €599 for 3 participants
  •  Meeting Point: Meeting point is at your hotel. We will pick you up from and drop you off at your hotel. We can accommodate other arrangements.
  •  Experience & Difficulty: From beginner to professional Photographers. Touring will be done by vehicle combined with easy paced walking and small to medium elevation changes along the way. There will be some walking on uneven routes so make sure you wear appropriate shoes.
  • Time of Year: The All Day Zagori Photo Tour is held every day, in all seasons throughout the year in Meteora – Greece.
  • Your Photographer and Guide: Tour is led by Christos the professional photographer and Konstantina ,Meteora locals, with discussions and tips on composition, different angles, technical aspects and everyday usage of your camera and some historical things about the area of Meteora.
  •  Other Things Provided: Snacks and water will be provided. We will also give you a small gift to remember Meteora by.

It will be good to bring a tripod, or ask us to bring one for you!

What is included

  • Hotel pick up and drop off are provided
  • Museum and archaeological entrance fees
  • Refreshments
  • Snacks
  • Souvenir

What is not included

  • Meal prices

If you want to arange your accomodation at Meteora or Zagori , let us know.

Learn more about Zagori (Wikipedia).

Cancellation Policy

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