Come to Meteora by train for a unique Photography Trip at Meteora

Are you interested to visit and Photograph the area of Meteora in Greece traveling by train? You will start by heading to the Larissa train station in Athens . It is very easy to get there by utilizing the Athens Metro! Wherever you are in Athens there will most likely be a metro station nearby.

 Traveling to this unique part of the country in mainland Greece will give you the opportunity to shoot unique scenery that you cannot find anywhere else in the country.

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Monasteries of Meteora Timetable

Athens to Meteora by train photo tour 

from 125€ | 5 hours | 1 – 4 per | include train tickets
Meteora Photographer

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Private Athens-Meteora by train 

from 183€ | 5 hours | 1 – 4 per | include train tickets
Photographing the Meteora Rocks

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Private 2 Day Meteora from Athens by train

from 289€ | 2 days  | 1 – 3 per | All inclusive
Beautifull senery at Meteora in evening light

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