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Meteora Photo Tour traveler’s reviews

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In the past years, we have spent hours and hours working to make it possible to offer services to all those who trust our photographic tours. We consider each of you as special and we always look to adapt our Photo Tours based on your needs and requirements. We are trying to sharing all the knowledge about photography to every participant from the beginner photographers to professionals and to give you a small picture of the history and the tradition of the Meteora region.
 Below are a small sampling of satisfied guests that we have had the pleasure of serving.

Great Experience!

Everything was flawless from the booking to the initial meeting at the railway station, to the sight seeing and perfect photo opportunity for the different times of the day. 

Chris is an excellent photographer and guide, and his wife Kostantina is very knowledgable about the history of the sites/monasteries.

They are a wonderful couple, easy to get along with and comfortable to be around. The Meteora sites were so amazing that we decided to stay overnight to see the sunset. Chris and Kostantina were happy to help with finding accommodations and suggesting a place for dinner. This was one of the highlight of our trip and we would highly recommend Meteora Photo Tour company for your photo & Meteora and area experience.
S. W.  from Canada

The High Point of Our Tour

There is nothing in Greece more beautiful and captivating than the pinnacles of Meteora, where monasteries sit impossibly on the tops of tall, finger-like peaks. With limited time to scout the locations for my passion of timelapse photography, I was fortunate to engage Christos and Konstantina.

My wife and the photographer’s wife got along so well we enjoyed both a traditional lunch and dinner with them and hugged each other at the end of the long day’s tour. Everyone should be so fortunate as to have this couple as a guide to this most spectacular site.

I highly recommend this for any photo enthusiast, and particularly those who are interested in better viewpoints, and in timelapse photography.

An incredible tour of Meteora and Zagori in autumn

Our group of four went on a custom one week tour in Meteora and Zagori in early October and had a wonderful time. Christos and Konstantina did an outstanding job planning out fun and interesting agendas with epic shooting locations. They took us not only to the classic viewpoints, but also to more hidden vantage points.

It was magical how we would arrive at a stunning location at the right time and in the right light. Even if there were crowds of people already at a location, we would be led over to an optimal viewing spot that was not apparent to anyone else.
Each hotel that we stayed in were top notch with breathtaking views.

Fall was a great time to visit the area, as the tourist level was less crowded, the temperatures were less sweltering and the foliage was shifting to the warm autumn colors. As we headed to the Zagori region, I was stunned to see scenes similar to New England, yet we practically had the place to ourselves. Incredible planning and execution.
I highly recommend taking a tour with Christos and Konstantina. They are warm and welcoming and you feel more like a part of the family than just a client. They generously shared cultural and historical information about the area and always accommodated our special requests (e.g. night photography, finding a replacement ND filter, seeing a museum, etc.).

It was a once in a lifetime experience, and we all returned home as better human beings and better photographers.

Karen Y

Incredible photo tour of northern Greece

We were on a week long photo tour of Meteora and the Zagori region of northern Greece. Our group consisted of 4 people, with varying levels of photography experience (novice to expert). Christos and Konstantina could not have been more warm, welcoming and helpful!

Christos was able to provide instruction to all of us as needed, along with taking us to spectacular locations within the Meteora and Zagori regions. As the novice in the group, I was able to become a much better photographer, and have a greater understanding of photography overall thru his instruction.

They accommodated every request, including 3 occasions of astrophotography, and a beautiful hike in Meteora. Christos and Konstantina provided exceptional customer service, even picking us up at our hotel in Athens!

During our drives to various spectacular photo locations, Konstantina provided us with information to the history and background of each location/area. The hotels and restaurants that were chosen by Konstantina and Christos were wonderful. Each clearly chosen with loving care.

Not only did we have an incredible photographic experience, I feel that Christos and Konstantina also gave me a personal glimpse of life in northern Greece. I cannot imagine a better experience. The trip exceeded my expectations in every way.

Lynn Y

4 hour hike & photo tour

Amazing tour that got us away from the other tourists and crowds and into the heart of seeing Meteora and several of the monasteries. Christoff & Konstantina are very knowledgeable in the history and religion of the area, as well as fantastic knowledge shared in the world of digital photography and taking photos.

It was the best way to see a variety of different perspectives of the monasteries and be in the great outdoors. Phenomenal tour!

Stacy M

Wonderful Experience and Great Photos!

I would highly recommend this tour to anyone who wants to photograph Meteora. The guides, Christos and Konstantina, picked me up and since I was the only person who scheduled a sunset tour that day, I had a private tour.

The stunning monasteries of Meteora are best photographed from specific locations that the guides know well. Since they grew up there, they also know the places that tourists rarely visit. In their 4×4, we visited monasteries built into caves that are quite stunning and tour buses can never reach, so the typical tourist never gets a chance to see them.

We stopped at 10-15 different locations over 4 hours to get photos of the monasteries and cliffs during the golden hour then we finished our tour photographing the sunset high atop a rock overlooking the valley as the sun descended behind the mountains. It was beautiful.

Now my only problem is figuring out which pictures to hang on my wall! In addition to this, they brought snacks and a gift for me. Christos and Konstantina were extremely kind and hospitable. Christos is a skilled photographer and can give tips along the way.

He also had a tripod for me to use at sunset, which was a great help as the sun went down. I cannot recommend this tour enough. It is one of the best experiences I have had while in Greece!

Great way to explore Meteora!!

Konstantina and Christos picked us up at our hotel and showed us thè places from where to take awesome pictures from the monastries and the rocks.
While giving interesting background info about the area and its history we chased the sun during the Sunset, and we captured it perfectly!!!

Danielle V


Meteora is not to be missed!! And taking Christos’ and Kostantina’s tour was the BEST decision we made!! They take you to the best viewing spots and some secret places! We wished we had one more day there and a second tour with them!

Christos gave excellent help, and we learned so much about the area, Kostantina was so helpful and even arranged for a taxi to meet us at the train and do a short tour of the area when we arrived! This is the most amazing place!! And they are the most delightful couple!!!

Rosalind S

Half day meteora phototour, from Kastraki to IPapanti and back.

It was our second visit to Meteora and by far, the best visit thanks to Christos and Konstantina. Prior to making the tour they provided very clear explanations and they understood our expectations perfectly well.

On the day of the tour, everything was managed beyond expectation : both the logistics and the perfect knowledge of the footpath, shadow areas,photospots, and local history and life made this half-day a perfect moment. We could also benefit from the excellent pedagogy and advices of a professional photographer to improve our use of our cameras and make the best of the wonderful photospots we were taken to.

On top of that, Christos and Konstantina are wonderful persons that make you feel being, not a customer, but a guest and family friend. Indeed, they offer a moment of friendship, of true encounter, far far away from the standardized way we could have had with other operators. Once we have experienced this we cannot imagine coming back to Meteora without organizing a tour again with them : we have seen Meteora as never before.

Review of: Golden Sunrise Meteora Private Photo Tour

Our wedding photographer recommended to us the services of Christos and Konstantina for our first visit of Meteora, and it was truly amazing !
We have chosen the sunrise tour in order to make the most out of the single full day we had at Meteora, they picked us up early at our hotel for a tour of the most interesting lookouts for taking pictures.
After this experience, we believe this tour is a « must do» because it is organized by locals who are passionate about photography and the place. Christos learned me very useful tricks (the combination of bracketing and panorama with tripod) while Konstantina provided very relevant and interesting historical facts about the place.

Besides, we had the feeling of being very privileged as we were the only couple on the tour this morning making the whole experience more intimate and friendly and also because we could visit this exceptional place before the tourists rush… we really appreciated the little extras (bag with gift, coffee and snacks, tips for the rest of the day, tripod provided for sunrise). We will come back 😉

Laurent B

Sunset and Sunrise Photo Tours

I was very luck to book this two AMAZING excursions with Christos and Konstantina. This couple are very delightful. I arranged my trip via the internet requesting both a sunset and sunrise tour. Since I had been In Meteora and had toured the monasteries of Meteora we completed the sunset tour with some added stops which were truly spectacular and allowed me to shot some amazing shots.

I do not use traditional photography equipment and shot with a iPhone and iPad. Christos provided tips to obtain AMAZING images.

For the sunrise today we perched ourselves on a hillside over looking the town of Kalabaka and the Meteora rocks. After sunrise Christos and Konstantina provided me option of either returning to the monasteries or to go into the country side were they have several amazing site such as an 11th Century Church, Double Waterfall, stone bridges from the 16th century.

They are extremely accommodating in make the tour delightful and a truly one of a kind experience

I highly recommend booking with Meteora Photo Tour to help capture the best images in the area

Thank you Christos and Konstantina for everything.

Peter J

Fantastic photo tour

Yesterday evening I had a fantastic photo sunset tour with Konstantina and Christos. They came to my hotel to take me for the tour. So nice and friendly couple, you feel immediately comfortable. They are like friends and also very professionel.

Konstantina knows a lot about Meteora and tell you interesting stories about the monasteries. Christos is fotographer and helped me to make nice photo’s and learned me a lot about how to make a good picture and to use the best camera settings.
Also they brought me to the best places to make the photos. It was a very nice experience and I had a great evening.
I really like to come back one time to make another tour.
Also they give me a goodybag.
The tour was private so they can give you all the attention and makes this tour very special.

Sunrise tour was excellent

We spent a pleasant morning with Christos and Konstantina in this beautiful area. Christos spent a lot of time with my husband showing him how to take better photos with manual settings on his camera.

He also discussed how to process the raw files afterwards for things like exposure bracketing (HDR) and panoramic stitching. Konstantina and I talked about everything else. Once we got the perfect sunrise shot, we stopped at various spots Christos selected based on the time of day and lighting.

Afterwards, he even let us keep the tripod we had been using for sunset that evening and allowed us to leave it with the hotel since we were checking out the next morning.

That was a nice bonus we hadn’t expected! The lessons learned from this experience will help us take better photos of all our trips in the future, making this tour an especially good value.


The highlight of our two weeks in Greece & Italy

Our sunrise photo tour with Christos and Konstantina was by far the highlight of our two-week-long trip to Greece & Italy. My wife and I greatly enjoyed their company for our morning photo tour.

They met us at our hotel an hour before sunrise, with coffee and some small Greek pastries.

We drove around the valley for the next several hours, checking out many different locations that visually highlighted the dramatically positioned monasteries.

Despite only being able to spend 24 hours in Meteora, we really felt that we squeezed every last drop out of our time there because of the tour.

Joel H

Five stars is not enough

Chris & Konstania have put together an amazing combination of sites to photograph the Monasteries of Meteora as well as the Zagori region and Plastiras lake.

We spent three days touring the region and I am certain it would take years of wandering around to find all of the things they lead me to.

They are both lifelong residents of the area, they are explorers, hikers, bikers & photographers and are aware of many off of the beaten path locations. They are also extremely interested in the goodwill of their guests and went far beyond “great” showing me around. The last day we actually spent 16 & 1/2 hours together.

To top it all off they are very personable and nice to be with.

This is a must do experience if you want to explore the region and see it as no normal tourist would and, at the same time, create some fantastic images.

Charles M.

A faire absolument

J’ai enfin compris comment me servir de mon reflex en mode manuel et à faire de superbes photos. Merci à Christos pour sa patience et son calme olympien ! Découverte de petits monastères bien cachés et de spots pour prendre de belles photos. Beaucoup d’informations intéressantes données par Konstantina.

Les 4 heures passent trop vite en cette très bonne compagnie et les endroits visités que l’on ne trouverait pas tout seul : pas besoin d’être passionné de photo pour faire ce tour. Ça se termine par un superbe couché de soleil pris avec un tripod (je sais enfin à quoi ça sert vraiment!).


Perfect for a private photo tour

I am a landscape photographer and I was looking to get away for the weekend and visit Meteora. With only 3 days, I knew I had to find an experienced local photographer who knew the area and weather really well to show me around to get me to the right places at the right time to make the most of the time that I had.

Christos and Konstantina were absolutely lovely hosts and excellent photographers so we knew we were in good hands. Konstantina kept us informed about local culture, geology, nature and Christos made sure we saw all the best sights for the time we had. No start was too early and no day was left with unexplored opportunities.

So that meant plenty of sunrise and sunsets!

Places we visited included: The monasteries, and the deepest gorge in the world – Vikos George. Because this was a private tour, it meant our itinerary was completely flexible which allowed us the time we needed to get the perfect shot without being rushed. I would definitely recommend Meteora Photo Tour.

Natasha H