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Meteora in Atumn – Fall Colors

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The Fall Colors in Autumn at Meteora

Breathtaking Sunset of Meteora in Fall Colors in Autumn

The Autumn season in Meteora is probably the best to capture colors and scenes at unique Meteora in Greece. Do not miss the opportunity to book a Meteora Photo tour, to take your camera and follow us to the most interesting places for photography.

Autumn at Meteora in Greece is the most amazing and interesting for photography, because of the differences in the color of the rocks and the color of the leaves! We recommend Hiking Photo Tour to take the most impressive shots from many different spots.

St. Nikolaos of Anapafsas. The Monastery of Meteora celebrate and all the lights are on in fall colors!

The landscape of Meteora is awesome and you will realize it, as you hike in the trails and take pictures from locations, which only a few visitors can discover!
Do you want to join this lifetime experience? Just wear a suitable pair of shoes, take the rucksack with your camera and follow us on a unique journey through the magical rocks of Meteora!

So if you want to explore and photograph the Meteora rock formations and the most notable areas of Meteora and unknown surrounding areas in Fall Colors, book one of our tours as the All Day Meteora Photo Tour or the Sunset Photo Tour or the best seller and 2 days Meteora and Zagori Photo Tour. As local photographers, we will guide you to the best place as we give you tips on the most advantageous ways to get the best photos on your trip. This is a private tour so we will be flexible if needs.

The river of Voidomatis in Epirus and Zagori flow under the bridge in Autumn